We’ve updated the site design. 5 main changes

The Universe Space Tech website now has a dark theme and offers to purchase an electronic version of the magazine. Briefly about the main changes:

1. Optimized for smartphones

80% of our readers use the site from mobile devices. Therefore, we have made the interface as convenient as possible for all screens. Enjoy vertical images, updated design and intuitive structure.

2. Delivery at the speed of light

Order an electronic version of the magazine and receive it by email within seconds. Or choose a printed version with an updated ordering system: payment immediately or by convenient cash on delivery.

3. Immerse yourself in the cosmic darkness

Turn on the dark theme to explore space comfortably even at night. Our dark mode is designed in a company blue color, which distinguishes it from gray and black sites.

4. Updated identity

The new logo, fonts and color palette make the site more modern and reader-friendly.


Now we have comments on the site. Share your thoughts and knowledge about space in the comments under the news and articles. No registration is needed — just log in using Facebook!

Share your impressions in the comments: what do you like and what can be improved? We will be grateful for your feedback.