Sun and Earth: Odysseus sends a farewell photo

Intuitive Machines has published a “farewell” photo of the Odysseus spacecraft. It was transmitted during its last communication session with Earth.

The Moon, Sun and Earth in the Odysseus image. Source: Intuitive Machines

The image was taken on February 22, when Odysseus was still in a selenocentric orbit, preparing for landing. It demonstrates the spacecraft above the cratered lunar surface, flooded with bright sunlight. You can pay attention to the fact that our luminary has a white color. This is its true color for the human eye when observed from space. The sun appears yellow to us because of the scattering of light in the earth’s atmosphere.

You can also pay attention to the fact that there is a thin sickle to the left of the Sun. This is our Earth.

The photo was transmitted by Odysseus during its final communication session with Earth. The spacecraft has stopped receiving enough energy to continue working. Nevertheless, mission specialists hope that when the Sun rises again over the Malapert A crater and begins to illuminate the Odysseus solar panels, it, like the Japanese SLIM probe, will wake up and continue working.

Earlier, we published images taken by Odysseus during its moon landing.

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