Spectacular blue meteor graced the sky over Spain (video)

On the night of May 18-19, residents of Spain and Portugal had a chance to witness a very spectacular sky show. An unusual blue fireball decorated the night sky.

The flight of the celestial guest was recorded by various eyewitnesses on smartphones and video recorders, as well as by the camera of the European Space Agency. It is installed in the Spanish city of Caceras and is specifically designed to track space visitors.

At the moment, experts are analyzing data about the incident. Presumably, the source of the fireball was a body about a meter in size, which entered the Earth’s atmosphere tangentially. Due to this, its visible part of the flight lasted quite a long time.

At the moment, it is unknown whether some fragments of the celestial guest managed to reach the earth’s surface, or whether it completely burned down. It is also unknown whether it is related to any regular meteor showers, for example η-Aquariid observed in May, or whether it is a loner.

You can also view a selection of images of the most powerful auroras that raged on Earth a week ago.

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