SpaceX will build one Starship megarocket per day

The fourth test flight of Starship, the world’s most powerful rocket, was intense but turned out to be a huge win for SpaceX. The company’s flight objectives were achieved: the rocket’s first stage — Super Heavy — made a soft landing in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Starship’s 50-meter-high booster successfully splashed down in the Indian Ocean after a controlled re-entry.

SpaceX Starship fuselages. Photo:

Now SpaceX aims to expand on the successes of the Starship program by continuing work on Starfactory, a new manufacturing facility at Starbase in South Texas. The company’s goal is to produce one new Starship rocket every day at the new factory, which should help humanity reach the interplanetary frontier.

Starship on the launch pad at Starbase in Boca Chica. Photo: SpaceX

“We have Ships and Super Heavy boosters built and either ready to launch or in testing for the next several flights with more coming off of the production line as SpaceX’s Starfactory continues to grow. The latest phase of the factory currently under construction will come online this summer, giving us several 100,000 more square feet of space,” said Jessie Anderson, SpaceX’s Falcon Structures Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

Starfactory is part of Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, one of the first Starship-only commercial spaceports. Once completed, the company plans to build one Starship megarocket each day at the Starfactory.

“When you step into this factory, it is truly inspirational. My heart jumps out of my chest! Now this will enable us to increase our production rate significantly as we build toward our long-term goal of producing one Ship per day and coming off the production line soon, Starship Version Two,” said Kate Tice, SpaceX’s Quality Systems Engineering Manager.

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