SpaceX has updated the record for the output payload

On March 19, SpaceX carried out the eleventh launch of the Falcon 9 rocket this year. As part of the Starlink-4.12 mission, the carrier successfully launched a batch of 53 Starlink vehicles into 320-kilometer orbit.

Launch of the Falcon 9 rocket. Source: SpaceX

The last launch set several new records for SpaceX. First, the total mass of its payload was 16,250 kg. This is the heaviest cargo ever launched into orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket.

Second, the first stage with tail number 1051, which was used in the mission, was able to successfully land on an autonomous barge in the Atlantic Ocean. Even difficult weather conditions could not prevent it. For the B1051, this flight was already the twelfth, which is also a new SpaceX record. In March 2019, the stage went into space for the first time as part of the first unmanned test of The Crew Dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX also announced the postponement of the launch of two Crew Dragon spacecraft. The launch date of the first Axiom mission was postponed from March 30 to April 3, and The Crew 4 mission — from April 15 to April 19.

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