Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to increase cybersecurity requirements

Before the attack on Ukraine, Russia carried out a large-scale cyberattack on satellite networks. The United States is very concerned about the reliability of its satellite systems, and they are creating a monitoring center for them. They also urge companies to monitor information hygiene.

Cybersecurity has become a major topic among satellite operators. Source: AIAA

Russian-Ukrainian war and cybersecurity

The Russian-Ukrainian war began with a large-scale cyberattack of the aggressor country on satellite systems. More precisely, this attack began a day before the invasion. Hackers tried to attack satellite infrastructure, including those used to communicate with military drones.

At the time of the invasion, these attacks intensified. Elon Musk reports that on this day, Russia tried to jam Starlink signals near the border with Ukraine. Hackers also tried to attack Viasat satellites and get customer data. According to American experts, the purpose of these actions was to damage infrastructure.

The cyberwar unleashed by Russia has forced the United States to take a fresh look at some initiatives that have so far remained inactive. In particular, great attention is now being paid to the Satellite Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Space ISAC). According to its leadership, the infrastructure of the United States can be attacked through spacecraft.

What is Space ISAC

Space ISAC was created in 2019 in Colorado Springs. Prior to this, he worked as a non-profit group. It was collecting information about attempts to break satellites. But due to the war, the status of this organization was raised. In particular, it is planned to open a new specialized surveillance center in the autumn. 

Now space is not among the critical sectors of the US infrastructure. However, the management of Space ISAC insists on changing the situation. If this happens, the Department of Homeland Security will start monitoring the work of satellite operators. The last will also be obliged to cooperate with the Surveillance Center and fulfill all its cybersecurity requirements.

Tips for cybersecurity companies

Space ISAC has already provided companies with some recommendations for protection against possible cyberattacks by Russians. The first of them is that companies must comply with cyber hygiene. Enterprises should check the security of all their corporate and business systems. Checking supply chains is also critically important. Satellite operators need to be sure where this or that software comes from. Satellite operators need to be sure where the software is coming from.

Similarly, it is advised to check all the components that are involved when launching the satellite. Everyone who has access to its systems should be focused on security.

It should also be remembered that all companies operating in combat zones are at increased risk. Several well-funded hacker groups have emerged from among the Russian special services. No one knows exactly what their capabilities are, so small companies are not recommended to do business that may attract their attention.

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