Russian satellite is called a threat to the American spacecraft

The Russian satellite COSMOS 2576 is actually designed to destroy other spacecraft, specifically American ones. This was stated by representatives of the US Space Command.

Orbits of the Cosmos-2576 and USA 314 satellites

COSMOS 2576 was launched on May 16 from the territory of the Plesetsk launch site. It is moving in the same orbital plane as the American spacecraft USA 314, which is an optical reconnaissance satellite KH-11. So far, COSMOS 2576 is in a lower orbit — but it can raise its altitude, which will ensure its rendezvous with USA 314.

Initially, experts involved in monitoring outer space concluded that COSMOS 2576 was an inspection satellite. This is the name of spacecraft designed to spy on other satellites. Russia has repeatedly launched similar spacecraft. For example, COSMOS 2558, which targeted USA 326, or COSMOS 2542, which monitored the USA 245 spacecraft.

However, in the case of COSMOS 2576, the US Space Command stated that it was not just an inspector, but a full-fledged anti-space weapon. Presumably, it is capable of attacking other satellites in low Earth orbit. American intelligence agencies expected the launch of COSMOS 2576 and had already shared their assessment of the situation with the allies.

The situation with COSMOS 2576 is taking place against the background of statements by the American side about Russia’s intention to deploy nuclear weapons in space designed to destroy satellites. So far, it has not been put into operation, but the Pentagon is very seriously considering the current situation, which is assessed as a significant threat to national security.

Recall that Russia recently vetoed a resolution banning nuclear weapons in space

According to Reuters