Quiz: What do you know about space exploration?

Welcome to your What do you know about space exploration?

What is the speed that needs to be developed so that the spacecraft overcomes the gravity of a celestial body and enters its orbit?

What is not usually on board a space station in Earth orbit?

What is needed for a spacecraft to rotate in orbit around its own axis?

Is it possible to grow plants in zero gravity?

What are Van Allen belts?

How much will a person weigh on the Moon if his/her weight on Earth is 72 kg?

What is the hypothetical situation called when a collision of a spacecraft with debris in Earth orbit leads to an increase in the number of dangerous debris?

The absence of what is the biggest obstacle to building a base on Mars?

How long should it take to fly to the closest exoplanet to us at Proxima Centauri, if you fly at a constant speed of 3000 km/s?