№6 2021 (187)

№6 2021 (187)

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All you want to know about the birth and evolution of the Universe

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In this issue:

  • Journey to the beginning of the Universe. About the structure and laws of space development
  • What “ignited” the Big Bang. About the process of the birth of the Universe
  • Faraway worlds and how to find them. What are exoplanets
  • Beyond Neptune: scandals, intrigues, fantastic worlds. What can be found beyond the orbit of Neptune
  • The dream of a thermonuclear rocket engine. About thermonuclear rocket engines using nuclear fusion
  • Five NASA Innovations in Sport
  • Incredible space plants. About plants that can be useful in colonizing Mars or the Moon
  • Not by a single Webb. The most important space observatories of the “near sight”
  • Unlearned lessons. How NASA lost the Space Shuttle Columbia
  • Operation “Christmas”. How the military began to accompany Santa Claus
  • The main space long term construction projects of our time. About five famous projects that already exist “in hardware”, but cannot reach the finish line yet
  • The Stargate of the Arab world. UAE Space Program
  • Between Two Worlds. Where to look for a vector of regional cooperation for Ukraine in the space industry
  • The long-awaited Rocket Modeling World Championship. We talk about how it was and what we managed to achieve
  • It is necessary to solve the problem of space debris on Earth. Interview with Alexander Petrenko, Scientific Director of the SETS project
  • Autumn “comet parade”. We are talking about comets that could be observed this autumn
  • The brightest comet of 2021. About Leonard Comet
  • Why do the stars twinkle
  • The conqueror of the “tailed monsters”. Biography of Elena Kazimirchak-Polonskaya
  • “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov. What to watch. Series Overview
  • The complete end *according to astrophysicists. What to read. Book review.