№6 (181) 2020

№6 (181) 2020

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All you want to know about faraway space

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In this issue:

  • Further only stars. Interplanetary missions that left the Solar System.
  • Towards the unknown. How New Horizons showed us Pluto and the Kuiper Belt.
  • The Sun is in the focus of the telescope. The history of the exploration of our star, from sunspots to magnetic storms and the Sun’s corona.
  • Close to the Sun. Two spacecraft are moving in the direction of our star. When do they reach the goal and what tools do they have on board?
  • Alpha Centauri is 20 years away. About the prospects of interstellar missions.
  • Beyond the Fermi paradox. Why haven’t we met with aliens yet?
  • The eighth wonder of the world. How the ISS was created.
  • From data analysis to our own satellites and rockets. The strategy of the company EOS Data Analytics.
  • The orbital frontier. About the evolution of space exploration.
  • The Artemis project, as an image of the cosmic future of mankind. About the regulation of cooperation in the exploration of the Moon, Mars, comets and asteroids.
  • An unusual biomarker on Venus. What did scientists find on the planet of the “Morning Star”?
  • Asteroids exchange matter. We explain why this is important and what it affects.
  • Rapid radio flashes. Types and methods of research.
  • On the way to a closed system. How the ISS processes air and water.
  • New era of Paton space technology. What contribution to the space industry was made by an outstanding Ukrainian scientist.
  • To the planets and further. Five novelties of Ukrainian science fiction about space.
  • The “Flying Observatory” found water on the Moon. We talk about the SOFIA telescope and its discoveries.