№4 2021 (185)

№4 2021 (185)

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All you want to know about parallel universes

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In this issue:

  • Parallel worlds. Overview of basic physical concepts
  • Mysterious traces of the “previous Universe”. We talk about the cosmological theory “The theory of Roger Penrose”
  • The Hertzsprung-Russell Universe. Classification of stars according to the “spectrum-luminosity” diagram
  • Astronomy without telescopes. How astronomers observed the starry sky in ancient times
  • Disaster. How a Chinese missile destroyed an entire village
  • Riding a nuclear explosion. About nuclear rocket engines and their operation
  • Fish farm on orbit. Is it possible to grow fish in microgravity
  • Larger, faster, cheaper: India’s Space Plans
  • The small “lunar five”. How new space powers are preparing to explore the Moon
  • Star systems are preparing for an explosion. How to predict a nova explosion
  • Hyades “collided” with dark matter
  • Super comet is approaching the Sun
  • Space chronicles. We tell you about the events in the aerospace sector of Ukraine that took place in June
  • Five NASA innovations that established in everyday life
  • The time is plus or minus an hour. What consequences will acceleration or deceleration of the Earth’s rotation have
  • Cosmic myths that we believe due to fiction. Analyzing the most popular errors
  • Georges Charpak. Nobel laureate with Ukraine in his heart. Biography of the inventor who revolutionized the search for elementary particles
  • The world of cyberpunk anime. What is worth watching in the genre of space cyberpunk
  • The Cyberpunk Universe: 5 books worth reading