№3 2021 (184)

№3 2021 (184)

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All you want to know about parallel asteroids

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In this issue:

  • Blinded by the Sun. How microgravity affects the eyes and changes vision.
  • Special attention zone. The main discoveries, research and prospects for the use of asteroids.
  • In search of a plasma engine. How plasma rocket engines work.
  • Multicolored sky. We tell you what color the sky is on different planets.
  • Space bugs. Consider the seven most famous accidents that occurred due to computer errors.
  • Fans of waste and garbage. More about biotechnologies that help to utilize the garbage in microgravity.
  • What will happen if the Earth’s core cools. We tell you what awaits our planet in the case of a change in the temperature of its core.
  • Can Ukrainian science and business create competitive space technologies? The managers of the SETS company answer.
  • Hydrogen-fueled engine from NASA. About a new type of jet engine.
  • Security fee. We talk about how the Soyuz-1 and Soyuz-11 were destroyed.
  • 37 civilizations and one Drake equation. How many more civilizations can humanity meet within our Galaxy?
  • Seven interesting facts about the Martian helicopter. What Ingenuity can.
  • The glow of interplanetary dust. A little more about the discovery and observations of the zodiacal light.
  • The tragedy of the common property, or how many centimeters of space we have left. Considering the legal side of the space debris problem.
  • Five environmental innovations that appeared due to NASA.
  • The new space head of Europe. Learn more about the EU space program.
  • Max Polyakov bought a satellite manufacturing company from South Africa.
  • The “volcanic” ideas of Sergei Vsekhsvyatsky. An extraordinary biography of one of the founders of the Kyiv Planetarium.
  • Asteroids — pleasant and useful. What to read?