№2 2021 (183)

№2 2021 (183)

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All you want to know about space weather

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In this issue:

  • Not by single rays. How the Sun affects interplanetary space and the Earth.
  • Is life possible in the Proxima Centauri system? About the climate and conditions for life on the nearest star to us.
  • The “Martian Flotilla” has reached its destination. About the Mars missions organized by China, the USA and the UAE.
  • Package from outer space. About the delivery to Earth of samples of lunar regolith, asteroid matter, cosmic dust and solar wind.
  • From small launch vehicles to the exploration of the Moon. We tell you about the ambitious plans of Firefly.
  • Orbital service station. How to repair a satellite in orbit.
  • Disaster on Alcantara. Which put an end to Brazil’s space ambitions.
  • Implementers of space programs. A little more about how space agencies of different countries work.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of ion engines.
  • Cancer: Through the prism of space. Will microgravity help in the treatment of the disease in the future?
  • Superpowers of microorganisms. How bacteria tolerate conditions close to cosmic.
  • The third element. Lithium’s adventures in a turbulent Universe.
  • Seconds before the crash. How the emergency rescue systems of spacecraft are arranged.
  • How the Universe was formed. Biography of Georgy Gamov from Odesa — the father of the Big Bang theory.
  • Alien worlds. What to watch. Review of a fantastic mini-series about exoplanets.
  • Albert Einstein is a symbol of science. What to read. Book review.