№2 (177) 2020

№2 (177) 2020

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All you want to know about financial trends in space

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In this issue:

  • An incredible five. Manned spacecraft of the “near sight”. What’s new in manned cosmonautics.
  • Small carriers: trends and prospects.
  • Cosmonaut vs polar explorer.
  • What is the difference between working at the Antarctic Center and working in orbit?
  • Hidden figures. Eight outstanding women whose names should be known to all fans of astronomy.
  • New female space record.
  • Space ecology and satellite control from a smartphone. How a small Italian company cleans space.
  • Spherical horse in a vacuum. How space startups live in Ukraine.
  • Money in space: # whatishowmuch / financial trends.
  • Rules of life. Maxim Polyakov, Managing partner of Noosphere Ventures.
  • Who is the main one in the Ukrainian space field. What is going on in the space sphere of Ukraine?
  • China has commissioned the “Heavenly Eye”. About the new Chinese radio telescope.
  • The third anniversary of the Space Observatory — the Hubble Telescope.
  • Hunting the Bennu Bird. About the OSIRIS-Rex asteroid mission.
  • What we learned about the Sun during the 10 years of the SDO mission. Overview of the ten most outstanding discoveries of the Solar Dynamics Observatory.
  • Hygiene on orbit. How astronauts carry out hygiene procedures on orbits.
  • Katherine Johnson: A century-long trajectory. Biography of an outstanding mathematician.
  • How old are Saturn’s rings?