№1 2023 (189)

№1 2023 (189)

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All you need to know about the stars

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Starry Night. Only in the darkness can you see the Stars

— Martin Luther King Jr.

In this issue:

  • 12 star systems closest to us. We talk about the diversity of the neighboring luminaries of the Solar System
  • One step away from a black hole. Everything you want to know about neutron stars
  • World beyond the Milky Way: A large-scale structure
  • Deceptive biomarkers. How to find life beyond Earth
  • The explorer of the ice worlds. History, technical equipment and objectives of the JUICE mission
  • The search for keys to the origin of the Solar System. Present and future asteroid missions
  • Blitz interview with Max Kidruk about our galactic future
  • Attack of small satellites. Democratization of space activities or violation of the right to a dark and quiet sky
  • EOS SAR and the future of satellite technologies for Earth radar monitoring
  • The access code to the stars. How programs allow us to conquer space (part 1)
  • Open space. Five citizen science projects for anyone who wants to help NASA
  • “Meatball” and “worm”. How did the NASA symbolism appear and what does it mean?
  • Infographics about NASA’s ground infrastructure
  • A happy ending for astronauts. Five space accidents with no deaths
  • Moons of Uranus and English literature. How Shakespeare influenced astronomy
  • Buried impact craters on Earth are eyewitnesses of the ancient “end of the world”. We tell you how asteroids led to the extinction of dinosaurs
  • In search of the lost Apollo. The history and prospects of space archaeology
  • Planets that didn’t exist. Non-existent bodies of the Solar System
  • 5 amazing stars of the Milky Way. Interesting facts about the luminaries of our Galaxy
  • An indispensable assistant to astronomers. What is a telescope for?
  • The sky is for beginners. What objects can be seen with a small telescope in a big city
  • A man-made star in your sky. How to observe the ISS with the naked eye near your house
  • When coffee machines dream of the stars. Selection of the strangest things that have reached orbit
  • The amazing world of quasi-moons. We explain what quasi-moons are and where they can be found in our star system
  • Heliocentrism, which was not invented by Copernicus. Destroying myths. We tell you about the first one who put forward the theory that the Earth orbits the Sun, and what does a famous scientist have to do with it
  • Earth with interstellar engines and miners on the Moon. Review of the main space film premieres of 2023
  • “Reasonable time.” Fantastic story
  • The Museum of Space in Korolev’s homeland. Report on a trip to Zhytomyr
  • All with awards. Ukrainians brought 14 medals from the Rocket modeling World Championship