№1 2022 (188)

№1 2022 (188)

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Everything You Need to Know about Space Security and Its Destruction

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In this issue:

  • Chronology of the war 2022: A view from space. The history of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in satellite images.
  • How to protect yourself from iron rain. We can help you find out what kind of missiles can hit our homes and how to prevent it.
  • Satellites: Lessons of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The three main directions of attracting satellites in the war are intelligence, communications and navigation. How does it work in real conditions?
  • The basis of modern civilization. The history of telecommunications satellites: From the ideas of Arthur C. Clarke to Starlink.
  • Radar data and social media posts. We explain how SAR satellite images differ from optical ones and how this data helps the military.
  • Death rays. Theory and practice of laser weapons.
  • Five promising space technologies in defense. Pulsar navigation, laser communication, space drones and other developments that may find their application in the military sphere in the future.
  • “Earthrise”: The story of one photo.
  • Return to the Moon. What to expect from the Artemis program.
  • Deep Impact. How to photograph a space bombardment.
  • Nuclear terror. We are talking about the Caribbean crisis, which threatened humanity with the outbreak of a nuclear war.
  • Monochrome or bipolarity of the cosmic future of mankind. Why there are no rules of responsible behavior in space and how civilian satellites helping Ukraine do not become a victim of Russia.
  • The surviving radio telescope. Information about the largest radio telescope in Ukraine UTR-2, which was in the occupation.
  • The world’s first constellation of satellites for farmers to be Ukrainian! About the ambitious plans of EOS to become the first analytical company with its own constellation of satellites.
  • David versus Goliath. How startups compete with SpaceX.
  • Space tech startup: Dream vs reality. Entrepreneur’s tips on how to choose a niche for a space startup.
  • Space service. How to increase the duration of the satellites.
  • Space technologies in medicine. Five NASA innovations helping to fight against pandemics.
  • Victims of the moon race. We tell you what price the United States paid for landing a man on the Moon.
  • Towards the stars. History of the Voyager program.
  • The main astronomical events of 2023. Star map.
  • Mysteries of the Gliese 581 system. We talk about the red dwarf and its five planets.
  • The brightest comet next year. We are talking about comet ZTF.
  • Children should dream of flying a rocket into space. Why it is important to develop rocket modeling even during a full-scale war.
  • How to see Mars in the winter night sky. A Beginner’s Guide
  • 10 interesting facts about Kadeniuk’s flight into orbit. On the 25th anniversary of the flight into space of the first Ukrainian astronaut.
  • NFT and space. How 3D art attracts funds to help Ukraine.
  • Wonders of science. Five technologies from fantastic films that have become reality.
  • Victory on land, at sea and in the air will go to those who will control space. About the future of conflicts on Earth.
  • 5 interesting facts about the Universe.
  • Great Red Spot. Will the great storm on Jupiter ever disappear?
  • George Kistiakivskyi from Kyiv. We are talking about one of the founders of NASA.
  • Space cinema. Films about space, released in 2022.
  • Bookshelf. Books about space, published in Ukrainian in 2022.
  • “Lunar eccentricity”. Fantastic story.