№1 2021 (182)

№1 2021 (182)

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All you want to know about dark matter

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In this issue:

  • Hunting for the invisible matter. About the discovery of dark matter and energy.
  • Look through black holes. What are black holes and how do they arise?
  • The Fermi Paradox: Questions and answers. Why may we not be the only intelligent race of the Milky Way?
  • Radio signal of unknown origin from Proxima Centauri. What the astronomers “heard” and what consequences this discovery will have.
  • Farewell to Arecibo. What science has lost with the legendary radio telescope.
  • The main astronomical events of 2021.
  • Expected space events in 2021.
  • The end of a great era. How the destruction of the Challenger shuttle changed cosmonautics.
  • How to push off from emptiness? How chemical jet engines work.
  • Microscopic colonizers. How bacteria can help to colonize Mars or the Moon.
  • Taking off against the rules. How Israel became a space power.
  • Ukrainians made the short list of the NASA hackathon. Interview with the team and local organizers of the competition.
  • Five automobile innovations that appeared due to NASA.
  • Is it possible to organize a wedding in orbit? Who, how and when got married in zero gravity.
  • The builder of the lunar route. Biography of a Ukrainian whose name is written in gold letters in the Hall of Fame of the Museum of Cosmonautics in the USA.
  • What to read. Book review. Think like in NASA. Habits, ideas and strategies for achieving the impossible.
  • What to watch. Review of the mini-series. Challenger: The Final Flight.
  • Comet in the solar corona. What could be observed during a solar eclipse.