№1 (176) 2020

№1 (176) 2020

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All you want to know about practical space on Earth

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In this issue:

  • NASA is in the kitchen. How space technologies work in everyday life: myths and reality.
  • Starlink and OneWeb. Prospects for the development and problems of satellite Internet.
  • Tornado Live. Weather forecast from space.
  • Three simple letters. What is global satellite positioning and how it has changed the world.
  • Integration of space technologies in agro. How satellite data can affect the land market.
  • From orbit to the pharmacy. How space medicine can be useful to earth medicine.
  • Urban transport: View from orbit. How satellites help regulate traffic flows.
  • Different cosmos: Who uses it, how and for what. About the vision of space companies.
  • The struggle for coordinates. Global navigation systems and their significance in modern military conflicts.
  • Mykhailo Riabokon: Knowledge transforms society.
  • Copenhagen Suborbitals. How amateurs create the first manned space program.
  • The main astronomical events of 2020. What astronomical phenomena to expect next year.
  • The most expected space events of 2020. Overview of the missile launches that will take place next year.
  • Precious “stones from the sky”. About the prospect of mining on asteroids.
  • The leaden “snow” of Venus. About the effect of the “White Mountains” on Venus.
  • New Betelgeuse record. Why one of the brightest stars began to fade.
  • Serhii Korolov. 13 facts about the legendary Chief Designer that you might not have known.
  • The slightest eclipse. Description of Mercury transit.
  • Rainfall on other planets. What kind of rains are on different planets: What science tells us.