Photo of the Day: “Hungry Moon”

The presented image was obtained on February 17, 2022 by astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy. He photographed the so-called “Hungry Moon“.

Full Moon. Source: Andrew McCarthy

“Hungry Moon” is the traditional name of the February full Moon in the cultures of many peoples of the world for the same reason. At the end of winter, food supplies are coming to the end and the most precipitation falls, which significantly complicates any hunting.

The picture taken by McCarthy allows you to see a number of the main lunar attractions, including the seas and the largest craters. The most prominent impact formation is located in the southern part of the Moon’s disk. This is the famous Tycho crater. Its brightness is due to its comparative youth. Analysis of the samples delivered by the Apollo 17 expedition allowed to determine that the age of the structure is 108 million years, which is quite a bit by astronomical standards. Apparently, the dinosaurs that still lived on Earth in that era were witnesses to the formation of the Tycho crater.

This is not the first spectacular portrait of the Moon created by Andrew McCarthy. He recently photographed the ISS transit over the Mare Tranquillitatis.

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