NASA to announce possible landing sites for humans on the Moon

On the evening of August 19, NASA will announce three possible landing sites for the Artemis III mission on the Moon. This will be the first time since 1972 that people will set foot on the surface of our moon. It will happen at its south pole.

South pole of the Moon

Possible landing sites of Artemis III

On Friday, August 19, NASA promises to name three possible places near the south pole of the Moon where the Artemis III mission can land. This will happen during a teleconference scheduled for 08:00 p.m. GMT+3.

Participants of the teleconference:

  • Mark Kirasich, Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Artemis Project Development Department, NASA Headquarters
  • Jacob Bleacher, Chief Scientist at NASA Headquarters
  • Sarah Noble, Head of Lunar Exploration, Department of Planetary Sciences, NASA Headquarters
  • Prasoon Desai, Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters

The audio broadcast of the conference will be held on the official NASA YouTube channel:

Where will they land?

It is expected that they will name not specific points, but entire regions. Each of them is interesting for scientific research in its own way. Each will have several possible landing sites. In the coming months, NASA will involve the wider scientific community in discussing the advantages of one or another option.

Artemis III will be the first mission to take people to the Moon after astronauts left this celestial body in 1972. In addition, it is expected that during this flight, a woman will step on the surface of our moon for the first time. 

The Artemis program is the last stop before the flight to Mars. That is why Starship from SpaceX was chosen as a landing stage for its third mission. But when it will specifically depend on the results of two test missions, the first of which starts on August 29.

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