Mark Kelly not afraid of Russian antisatellite weapons

Former American astronaut and acting Senator Mark Kelly believes that Russian antisatellite weapons do not pose a significant threat. The aggressor country simply cannot use it effectively enough.

Senator Mark Kelly. Source: Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images

Mark Kelly not afraid of Russian missiles

Former astronaut and US Member of Parliament Mark Kelly said on April 30 that, in his opinion, Russian antisatellite weapons cannot effectively hit targets in space. He holds the position of head of the New Threats subcommittee in the Senate Armed Services Committee.

According to Kelly, even the ongoing war does not increase the chances of Russia using missiles to destroy American satellites. According to him, the tests of these missiles last autumn had to be carefully planned, and its results get a surprise even for Putin’s space forces themselves.

Kelly at one time had to feel the threat from space debris generated after the use of such weapons. In 2007, when China was testing its missiles, it was just in space and had to maneuver twice to evade debris. First he saved the shuttle from them, and then the International Space Station.

The experience of last year’s tests, according to the astronaut, should keep Russia from using these missiles in combat. After all, they can also harm Russian objects in space.

American position on anti-missile weapons

Earlier, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced her desire to ban the testing of anti-satellite weapons altogether. The United States will not use it and will make every effort to ensure that no country in the world does this.

However, this position has already attracted criticism from many American politicians. They note that such a decision primarily hits the United States. Because they will stop these tests, but whether Russia and China will abandon such weapons remains unknown.

Future of the space station

In parallel, Kelly spoke about the future of the space station. Earlier, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, stated that his organization would withdraw from this project, but did not say when this event would happen.

Kelly’s position on this issue is that the invasion of Ukraine will definitely affect cooperation on the ISS, but he cannot yet say how. A variety of American enterprises are ready to take on the work that Russia is currently doing, but this process takes time.

In general, Senator Kelly’s position is more balanced than that of his twin brother and also ex-astronaut Scott. He openly supports Ukraine and says that Russian cosmonauts are being brainwashed.

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