Main astronomical events of December 2022

In December 2022, the Moon will cover two planets — Uranus and Mars. Both of these phenomena are clearly visible from all over Ukraine. Interestingly, the occultation of Mars on the morning of December 8 will almost coincide with its opposition, that is, as it be on November 8, we will witness a rather rare “alignment” of four objects of the Solar System almost in one line. Before that, the Red Planet will approach the Earth at the minimum distance this year.

The appearance of Mars from behind the lunar disk on November 16, 2018. Source: ESO/Nico Bartmann/

On December 19, the perihelion comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) will take place, which be clearly visible in our latitudes until the beginning of September. Now it has a significant negative declination, so it can only be observed by residents of the Southern Hemisphere.

December 1

  • Mars is closest to Earth in 2022 (0.54447 AU, 81.5 million km)
  • The Moon is 4° south of Neptune (7,9ᵐ)
  • The Moon is 4° south of Jupiter (-2.6ᵐ)

December 5

  • The Moon occults Uranus (5,7ᵐ)

December 8

  • Full moon.
  • Mars is in opposition.
  • The Moon occults Mars

December 11

  • The Moon is 3° south of Pollux (β Gem , 1,2ᵐ)

December 12

  • The Moon at Apogee., 405868 km from the center of the Earth

December 14

  • The Moon is 4° north of Regulus (α Leo, 1,3ᵐ)
  • Maximum activity of Geminid meteor shower (up to 100 meteors per hour)

December 16

  • The Moon in the final fourth phase

December 19

  • The Moon is 4° north of Spica (α Virgo, 1.0ᵐ)
  • Comet C/2017 K2 PanSTARRS (5.5ᵐ) at perihelion, 1,797 AU (269 million km) from the Sun

December 21

  • Mercury at greatest elongation east (20.1°)

December 22

  • Maximum activity of the Ursida meteor shower
  • Winter Solstice

December 23

  • New Moon

December 24

  • The Moon at perigee, 358270 km from the center of the Earth
  • The Moon is 4° south of Venus (-3.9ᵐ) and 5° south of Mercury (-0.3ᵐ)

December 26

  • The Moon is 4° south of Saturn (0.8ᵐ)

December 28

  • The Moon is 4° south of Neptune (7,9ᵐ)

December 29

  • The Moon is 3° south of Jupiter (-2.4ᵐ)
  • Mercury (0.5ᵐ) is 1.5° north of Venus

December 30

  • The Moon is in the phase of the first quarter

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