Lunar mosaic from the LRO mission

NASA has published a composite image of the Moon. It consists of 1231 images taken by the LRO device in the summer of 2018.

Moon Mosaic made up of images from the LRO mission. Source: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

The LRO device was launched in 2009. One of the main goals of its mission was to compile a detailed map of the lunar surface to find landing sites for future expeditions. In total, over the thirteen years of its service, LRO has transmitted images totaling over a thousand terabytes to Earth.

In honor of the upcoming launch of the Artemis I mission, NASA has published a very unusual mosaic of the Moon. It is made up of the best in terms of matching brightness and gradient images taken by the narrow-angle camera of the device in the summer of 2018. 

Recall that recently LRO photographed a crater on the far side of the Moon, left after the fall of the “anonymous” rocket stage.

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