Japan will try to launch its next generation rocket again in February

Japan’s two previous attempts to launch its next-generation H3 rocket failed. However, today it has become known that in February 2024, JAXA will make a new attempt to put satellites into orbit with its help.

Japan will try to launch the H3 rocket. Source: www.nasaspaceflight.com

New rocket

On February 28, representatives of the Japanese space agency JAXA announced plans to try to launch their new H3 rocket again. If everything goes well, it is scheduled to start on February 15th. If everything goes well, then it should start on February 15 between 9:22 am and 1:06 pm.

Japan has already tried to launch the H3 rocket twice this year. The first time was in February, and the second time was in March. However, both attempts ended in accidents. And this is very frustrating for JAXA engineers, since the start of using this carrier has already been delayed for years.

The H3 is positioned as an economical and flexible carrier that is being developed as a replacement for the H-IIA, which is used to launch a variety of cargoes now. Its operation has been going on since 2001. The developer of both carriers is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Japan hopes for success

Despite the two previous failures, JAXA engineers are full of optimism. During the launch in February 2024, the rocket will carry equipment that will constantly monitor its condition. In addition, its main payload will be two satellites. 

The Japanese space program has been developing with varying success in recent times. In the spring of this year, the HAKUTO-R probe, which many had pinned hopes on for exploring the South Pole of the Moon, tried to make a soft landing there. However, it crashed on the surface instead.

This week, Japan did correct the situation. Its SLIM probe, which is called the “moon sniper” could successfully enter orbit around our moon. Therefore, JAXA hopes that the streak of failure is over for them.

According to phys.org

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