China completes the construction of the largest solar radio telescope

The Chinese authorities have completed the construction of the DSRT radio telescope (Daocheng Solar Radio Telescope). Today it is the largest specialized telescope designed to study the Sun.

DSRT solar radio telescope. Source: VCG/VCG via Getty Images

The DSRT radio telescope is located on a mountain plateau in Sichuan Province in southwest China. It consists of 313 six-meter antennas. They are placed in the form of a circle with a diameter of 3.14 km.

DSRT is designed for solar research. Its main task is to study coronal mass ejections, flares, charged particles, etc. The telescope will also be used to assess the impact of solar activity on the Earth. DSRT data will help increase the accuracy of space weather forecasts.

Currently, the project specialists are engaged in setting up antennas and checking equipment. DSRT will have to conduct the first test observations in June 2023. 

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