№4 (179) 2020

All you want to know about the Moon

Magazine cost — UAH 100

In this issue:

  • The unique Moon. How the Earth’s natural satellite appeared.
  • House on the Moon. How to build a settlement on a satellite of the Earth.
  • The Moon as a source of rare earth elements. What minerals are hidden in its depths.
  • Extraction of space resources: a legal vacuum or an established order.
  • Private traders squared their shoulders. Who will deliver NASA cargo to the Moon.
  • How the Moon affects biorhythms. What are monthly cycles and how do they affect a person?
  • Garden on the Moon. What are the difficulties of growing plants on the Earth’s moon?
  • Why it will be difficult for a person on the Moon. About the physiological problems of life on Selenium.
  • The Red Moon. How China is learning the satellite of our planet.
  • Supermoon, full supermoon, super eclipse. What lies behind the big names.
  • “Aeneas” is a robot for penetrating lava tubes on the Moon.
  • Vladimir Vasiliev: When there are difficult tasks, new solutions will appear.
  • The Martian Odyssey, 2020. What to expect from new missions to the Red Planet.
  • New heroes of astronautics. We tell you who “tried out” the first private manned spacecraft.
  • The ion blanket of the Earth. Who, how and why explores the ionosphere.
  • “Date of comets”. About the approach of two bright comets in August.
  • The history of Apollo in books. What to read about the lunar program.