NASA to build a colony on the Moon by 2040

NASA has set ambitious goals for the Moon. The agency’s vision for the future includes not only the return of astronauts to the Moon for the first time in more than half a century, but also plans to build a fully working colony on our natural moon by 2040.

Colony on the Moon can be built before 2040. Photo: SpaceX

This goal represents a real space leap, especially compared to the prospect of new landings on the Moon during this decade. There are less than 20 years left until 2040 for this ambitious goal to become a reality, so NASA must accelerate its actions.

One of the key components of this project is the use of lunar dust to create concrete, which can then be used by 3D printers to build living quarters on the surface of the Moon. This fascinating initiative was revealed in a report by The New York Times. However, NASA does not just seek to build houses on the Moon, but also pays great attention to the safety of future colonists.

Housing on the moon can be built from local materials using 3D printers. Photo:

To this end, NASA has established a partnership with ICON, a company specializing in 3D printing technologies for buildings based in Austin, Texas. Already in 2020, the company received funding from NASA, and in 2022, it was allocated another USD 60 million for the further development of space construction.

The idea of using local resources and materials on the Moon for construction is not new. Similar approaches were considered earlier to create structures on Mars. If we can find a reliable way to use local resources and materials, this will greatly facilitate construction on the Moon, making it more affordable and economically efficient.

NASA is already planning to land a man on the Moon’s surface after a long break in the Artemis III mission. To implement the construction plans, NASA will launch a 3D printer to the Moon, which will build houses for astronauts layer by layer.

This idea captures its scale. Such confidence of the space agency may mean that the first people on the moon may actually appear by 2040. However, the implementation of such a project requires hard work and a little luck. But when a common dream and science contribute to innovation, nothing is impossible.

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